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Sea Vixen FAW 2 Early Style Navigator Cockpit Set

Sea Vixen FAW 2 Early Style Navigator Cockpit Set

 Our Price: £15.00

Sea Vixen FAW 2 Early Style Navigator Cockpit Set

This set comprises three clear resin canopies, that being the front windscreen, the sliding canopy and the new navigators hatch canopy. These parts are all cast as one piece so no tricky assembly required and masks made by Montex are provided. A new top forward fuselage section is supplied without the bulge over the naviagtors cockpit as are two new seats.

To install the new forward fuselage only one cut is required, the seats required replacing especially the navigators seat as this required shortening to enable fitment under the new hatch door. 

There are a few additional parts supplied that you can use depending on the aircraft being made, those are a new nose wheel door with the early light configeration, and a non framed side window for the navigators hatch. In the picture you will see two navigator hatch doors, only the CLEAR version is supplied the grey version is only to show the interior detail supplied. Also supplied is a new panel that has the semi-circular vent cast into it this is an added part that may be used to improve  upon the kit accurracy.

A small decal sheet is supplied to cover some of the variations required from the kit decals.

Decals for the main markings can be sourced either from the kit and or from some of the aftermarket decals already in the market place. The early navigator hatch style was applicable to many FAW 2 aircraft.

Estimated delivery time 3-4 weeks.

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