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RNAS Pilot

RNAS Pilot

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RNAS Pilot 1/48 scale

Sculpted by: Jim Raynor

The RNAS pilot is wearing a special Royal Navy flying coat, these were either black or dark blue, however there are no surviving private collections, so no-one really knows, but the best guess is black as it would have been the most popular.

Buttons were domed and gild plated as per the standard naval service tunic. The coat was made from a heavy weave fleece wool, which are similar to the wool shirts that are available today/ albeit in a heavier weave. He had a lambs wool collar which would have been added by a tailor as the standard collar was found to be inadequate.

He wears shoulder boards to show what rank he is and has leather shirling 3 finger mittens. His helmet is the RFC/RN full cowl type Mk.1 whilst his trousers are simple RN officers trousers and service shoes. The figure has all the authentic seams and details within the unifrom.

Multi-piece resin cast figures that require assembly and painting

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