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 Our Price: £10.00

Meteor U.16 /21 Conversion

This set comprises the new wing tip parts new nose cone, RVMDI radomes, wing pylons and targets, and the engine mounted flare packs, and an updated instrument panel, also some of the larger aerials in resin and a small photo-etched sheet to complete the detailing. The set is designed for the Xtrakit /MPM /Airfx Mk 8 Meteor kits but I am sure could be adapted to fit other models as well.

Supplied in the set, is a set of decals to do one of six aircraft, one serial number having four variations, making 9 variations. There are four aircraft that operated from Llanbedr WK800 code Z with the RVDMI, WK800 code Z with three different nose door markings, WH453 code L, WH320 code N, Royal Navy aircraft WF716 nose code 658, two Austarlian operated aircraft A77-882 and AA7-876 from Woomera.  Some additional decals maybe required from the original kit.

The masters and all the research and artwork for the set were expertly done by Alan Southcombe.


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