Announcement for AlleyCat Models 6th August 2019.

Hi Folks,
Negative bits first, things took a touch longer to sort with the elder, and whilst there was a good start things have declined, needing me to step back in to things on a deeper level, they have however reached a point where I am now able to step back to being just a caring relative as others have to oversee things legally.
I did reach a point of 'burn out' after the relocation and house sort which I did not predict (who does??) and this has knocked back the return of normality.
And finally some clear casting is still being problematic and thus delayed. Certain items have again been pulled to allow back-orders to be sent and stock to be built up. On the social media page will be some images of the failed castings that made up a high proportion of deliveries.
And now lets be positive:
As mentioned above I am now not involved anywhere near as much with my elder, I will still cover hospital visits, but only a couple are planned for the future, so now I am feeling much healthier am returning to being as full time as school holidays allow. (The small people are being bribed to help with things like post runs by the odd treat event...)
Clear casting IS improving, yes some things are still causing grief, but most are not. There has been good restocks of Vampire, Nimrod, Wellington, Canberra and Gannet amongst others. I am also in discussion to get another casting source underway for clear, and the plan will be for everyone to cover everything to keep things stocked going forward.
Sadly life happens, molehills can seem like mountains, but with a little time you do get to see they are only molehills, and can climb them.
More anon...

AlleyCat will be having a few trade stands in 2019 including the IPMS Brampton St.Ives (Cambs) Model Show on Sunday September 29th 2019.
I will also be coordinating Make and Paint events at the Shuttleworth Collection air-shows where prepaid orders can also be handed over by prior arrangement if it is agreed for 2019.
For Shuttleworth event info see:  

For any enquiries please email:

All the best, and happy modelling Alec. 

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