Announcement for AlleyCat Models 18th June 2018.
I have an important update on clear casting, and an important update statement on order processing.
I have unfortunately ended up both running behind on order despatch and been out of contact more than I have wanted over the last weeks as I have needed to deal with the needs on an elder relative who has suffered further recent health decline and now struggling with the world. This has been both VERY time consuming, tiring and rather challenging for all involved. Hopefully the new plans and processes in place will ease things and allow a degree of normality for the near future.
As for the clear issue, here there is both good news and an understanding of why when things started to look good they then went awry! Casting is now up and running, but in a slightly different way. A batch of Ki61/100, and Spitfire PR have been done along with a few A4, Nimrod and Typhoon. More are all under way BUT they will be being done in batches that work together. So due this week are a stock of A4, Nimrod and Typhoon, in a week of so more Ki sets and all being well the T6 will be underway again, with others following on if things hold course. It has been agreed that instead of trying to cast the many different sizes and shapes of clear at the same time, batches of only a few sets will be done to fill back orders and then build stocks before moving to another selection of clear sets. Why I hear you ask, simply because this is working, and for reasons not fully known the other method is not, the evidence is that they are needing more stringent conditions for curing, be that oven temp and time through to time in the moulds before removal.
The reissue of the following 1/32 kits: HS123, Boomerang, D510 and the new Hawker Fury 2/Spatted Fury is still on the plans as part of the casting program once workshop set up.
The Meteor Mk4 and Spitfire PR4 conversions for the Airfix Meteor Mk8 and Spitfire Vb will be live in the next couple of weeks, as cast up and just awaiting the final instruction writing....

AlleyCat will be having a trade stand at the IPMS Brampton St.Ives (Cambs) Model Show on Sunday September 30th 2018.
I will also be coordinating Make and Paint events at the Shuttleworth Collection airshows where prepaid orders can also be handed over by prior arrangement.
For Shuttleworth event info see:  

For any enquiries please email:

All the best, and happy modelling Alec. 

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