Update time! 20/07/2021.
I hope everyone out there has managed to stay as safe and well as possible.

Yes I have been very out of action these last months, the hoped for easing and improvement of mobility has not occurred, in fact things have declined more, then despite being fully vaccinated COVID has called by. All of this has very much knocked me sideways. 

I am planning to be back on a limited basis until the end of August, sorting out back orders, but currently that is most definitely not everyday. By September there are highly likely to be major changes, in that potentially direct sales will be stopping, as quite clearly it is a step to far me to cope with going forward.

Discussions will be concluded with a UK, Europe and US seller for all the range. This will in the long run be of benefit to all.

Keep well out there, COVID is not done with us yet.

Stay safe and well!

Happy modelling,

AlleyCat will be having a trade stand at certain events in 2021 maybe.....

For Shuttleworth event info see:  

For any enquiries please email:

All the best, and happy modelling Alec. 

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