Announcement for AlleyCat Models 2nd August 2018.
A couple of weeks ago I made a very positive and hopeful update that things should be calmer and returning to normal, unfortunately for a couple of reasons things turned out to be the complete opposite.
Firstly the negative, an ill informed (but probably well intentioned) old friend of my relation caused mayhem that needed fixing, however as a completely polar opposite the doctors and local hospital surprised everyone with rapid and efficient appointments to do their best to help as they could going forward, at times with less than 48hours warning!
I hopefully may have a better update next week..

AlleyCat will be having a trade stand at the IPMS Brampton St.Ives (Cambs) Model Show on Sunday September 30th 2018.
I will also be coordinating Make and Paint events at the Shuttleworth Collection airshows where prepaid orders can also be handed over by prior arrangement.
For Shuttleworth event info see:  

For any enquiries please email:

All the best, and happy modelling Alec. 

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