Update time! 24/04/2020.
It has been an interesting few weeks adapting to the new normal! Having small people about for home schooling, and her ladyship at home some days a week (She's a 'Key-worker' but only needing to go into the office some days a week). These have been the days I have ventured to the Post Office. Over this time I have steadily felt less comfortable doing the posting runs with the steady climb of virus cases in the area (Being a higher risk group asthmatic and all! I also was side swiped by pneumonia over the winter, I don't want to have it again!)

So to that end I have been negotiating and planning with Royal Mail to have the post collected. I understand that will be starting next week. This will make life better all round, as it reduces the risk (It also helps with the lack of mobility in the knees!) plus I have access to more services, so more tracking/confirmation will be available.

With all this in hand I can now turn to the other side of things! Many sets have been restocked, including the Shackleton MR1/T4 sets with plenty of clear noses coming through now, so they are now live once again. Over the next few weeks there will be new decal sheets appearing, plus new conversions, that have been in the works for ages! These include Meteor T7 1/48, Firedog Beaufighter set, plus other Beau sets in 1/48, and a variety of Spitfire sets in all 3 main scales

Stay safe and well!

Happy modelling,

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All the best, and happy modelling Alec. 

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