Update time! 10/09/2020.
I hope everyone out there has had as good a summer (Or winter for the Southern Hemisphere readers!) as possible, and you have all managed to avoid as much as possible of the crazy nastiness that is COVID?

The summer has been a right mixture of positive and negative and in-between here. Health wise has been good thankfully, but the lack of venturing out a challenge. The supply chains for everything have been VERY disrupted and delayed. Some things have only been slowed a couple of weeks, others I am still waiting on since being ordered in February. Then there is the issue of clear resin...

The post is now directly collected, which has helped greatly. It has also opened up different and better services. Going forward all items are Tracked (Some with confirmation signature depending on location). This is much better for just about everyone, with the biggest benefit to UK and USA destinations. The latter especially as it is a priority service for little more than standard Airmail.

The constant hassles and continual drop in usable quality has lead to a decision that going forward as many things as possible will be changed to vac-form. Initially it was just about tolerable having a 10-20% reject rate for clear resin, now that is around 80-85%. Vac-forms will be around 1-3% reject... These are being produced for me by Rob Taurus going forward. Some clear resin will still be used, as it DOES still work for items such as landing lights and small windscreens.

I have only been working very part time the last few weeks, and expect that to continue for another week, all down to personal reasons, and as family time was needed before the small people headed back to the chaos of school, and some work has been needed to be locate packing and computer spaces etc.

Stay safe and well!

Happy modelling,

AlleyCat will be having a trade stand at certain events in 2021 maybe.....

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All the best, and happy modelling Alec. 

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