A very happy and healthy 2020 to all of you out there!
As you may guess I am now on the path back to good health thankfully, though it will still be another week or two to be fully there
Orders will start to go out as of today again, and I will be processing more every day though in limited numbers until the end of the week. There will be no set order, just whatever is easiest and quickest first.
I hope that during next week things will be such that more will go each day.
Casting wise many things have come through over the last few weeks, including most Odds And Ordnance, items that didn't make it but are due in January are the Gannet kits, 109G12s, Canberra T17s and certain smaller items.

Happy modelling,

AlleyCat will be having a trade stand at certain events in 2020.

For Shuttleworth event info see:  

For any enquiries please email:

All the best, and happy modelling Alec. 

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