Announcement for AlleyCat Models 12th June 2017.
Despite my best intentions things have taken a little longer to return to normal, but the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight, and this time looks to actually be the end not an oncoming train!!
One thing that has caused a number of delays has been my needing to find items that I had 'put away' whilst unwell. For that read nowhere near where they should have been!!! Yes it would appear that I had been little more than a highly functioning zombie! Website updates and email admin have not been as good as I want recently, thanks to the knees preventing me sitting at the computer for more than a few minutes a day. Hopefully later this or during next admin desk relocation will have occurred with new much higher chair and foot rests etc. That will also mean the instructions for several new sets can get written up, watch this space...

Clear casting headaches appear to have finally been resolved!! Delivery has happened! The sets finally restocked are: AR196, Ventura, G12 canopies, Turbo Dak, Spitfire Proto and Hurricane clear parts, along with OAO Harley light pods. MDC have just delivered the first batch of the newly cast 1/32 T6 canopies, and Hunter FR9 nose cones. 

Please when contacting me try to directly email me with a specific title relating to your contact, this will help prevent it getting shoved into the wrong thread due to too similar a title (such as replying to the 'order confirmation' email). We are trying to fix this this end as well!.
Going forward UK model shows will not be attended as much by me as a trader, as they take too much time out both preparation and recovery wise, thanks to the knee deterioration and this hits the mail order side causing delays. See below for a list of those I still plan to do this year, some for the last time.
Now for better things: This weekend I will have the first castings of the following new items: 1/72 P51 metal tanks, Valiant bomb panniers (both open and closed), Valiant 'Eager Beaver' tail and in 1/48 the grey resin parts of the new Meteor Mk4 (clear still en route).
Hopefully in the near future there will be a reissue of a 1/32 kit and a new release, these are the CAC Boomerang and Hawker Fury MkII (AKA Spatted Fury) complete with new decals.

Happy modelling, Alec

Items to be added on here over the next week or so (some are already live) they include:
In 1/72 scale:AC47 'Spooky' guns, and BT67/C47TP Turbo Dakota sets with decals for Guatemala, Dept Of State AirWing, SAAF Transport and UN/Red Cross civil,
In 1/48: Meteor U16/21 with decals, Intake fronts and radio altimeter aerials for Canberra B2/6 et al, various TSR 2 weapons and stores, these include Recce Pods, Blue Water Missiles, Belly Tank, underwing tanks, other various British and American stores, including Practice Bombs and pylons, Canberra Gun Packs, Rocket Pods, 1000lb bombs, WE144 and US Nuclear bombs, and a number of sets for the Hawker Typhoon.
In 1/32 Hunter FR9 conversion (new clear resin nose).
Some of these new sets in all scales will naturally be placed in the Odds And Ordnance range.

As a sneak, there are new items on the way that include in 1/72: Vampire NF10 and early T11 and maybe a Valiant Mk2 conversion, plus Merlin Beaufighter Mk2 in both 1/72 and 1/48. Plus maybe the odd conversion for the new 1/48 Meteor! (Mk4 and 7 are underway, NFs being looked at)

The various 1/24th Mosquito sets along with the Fury, Gamecock, Yak and M1c kits are now cast for AlleyCat by MDC, along with various clear. All being well the Dewoitine D510, Hs123 and Boomerang kits will be appearing in 2017 and cast by MDC.

AlleyCat will be having a trade stand at the following next:The following for later 2017: Downham Market, Coventry, Birmingham (tbc), Brampton Show St Ives Sept, (I will also be at Shuttleworth Sunday air shows, and the Little Gransden air and car show where items can be handed over by prior arrangement), items can be brought/pre-ordered. Order here and select 'Collection From Show' postage option and confirm in notes or via email.

For any enquiries please email:
All the best, Alec Smith

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