Announcement for AlleyCat Models 18th October 2016.
The last few months have had several trials and tribulations, what with computer failures, worsening of the osteoarthritis in my knees and general problems with resin not curing properly. Sadly some of you good people have had to suffer delays because of all this, I hope at last they are now behind us.
Unfortunately the casting of clear resin has caused many problems, and new avenues have needed opening. This might mean some sets will increase in price as they restock, but it will either be that or ending them.
As promised there are several new sets that have been preparred over the summer and they will continue to appear on here over the next week or so, they include:
In 1/72 scale Shackleton T4 conversion, early E.E. P1b conversion, AC47 'Spooky' guns, KC130 refuelling pods,Decals for 20 aircraft of the Shuttleworth Collection, and decals for several Shackleton MR/AEW2s inc names/arts (These also include etch for the wing aerials), Marsh Turbo Tracker conversion, and new BT67/C47TP conversions with decals.
In 1/48 Intake fronts and radio altimeter aerials for Canberra B2/6 et al, various TSR 2 weapons and stores, other various British and American stores.
In 1/32 Hunter FR9 conversion (new clear resin nose).
Some of these sets will naturally be placed in the Odds And Ordnance range.
The 1/72 Sea Hurricane set should go live all being well by the end of the month.
re are following....

As a sneak, there are new items on the way that include in 1/72: a Sea Hurricane ('tin wing') conversion for the Airfix fabric wing Hurricane, a Shackleton MR1/T4 conversion for the Airfix kit, hopefully also Valiant bomb panniers and Mk2 conversion and Merlin Beaufighter Mk2 in both 1/72 and 1/48. Plus maybe the odd conversion for the new 1/48 Meteor!. There are also going to be some 1/48 Hawker Typhoon and TSR2 sets in the next few months.

The 1/32 Yak /1b /complete kits are now all finally here and going out this week. (The new seat bases and the 3 sets of canopies are now here....) 
These latter along with the Fury, Gamecock and M1c kits are now cast for AlleyCat by MDC.

AlleyCat will be having a trade stand at the following next: Scale Model World 2016, Telford,  12/13-11-16, items can be brought/preordered. Order here and select 'Collection From Show' postage option and confirm in notes or via email.

For any enquiries please email:
All the best, Alec Smith

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