Announcement for AlleyCat Models 23rd June 2016.

 To go with the early Beaufighter sets in 1/72 and 1/48 are 2 new sets in both 1/72 and 1/48 for the early DH Mosquito, initially the BIV series I with short nacelles and tailplanes, on the way is the Maritime SAAF C-47TP Turbo Dak AKA 'Dackleton' in 1/72. New 1/72 decals for Meteor NF11/12 and Merlin powered Wellington Mk2 have also arrived. 1/72 Huricane 'Tin Wing' is now in stock and live.
Also reissued are the 1/32 Spitfire PRXI conversions, and the 1/72 Hunter GA/PR11 sets now have clear resin noses, the PR9 nose will be available separately under the OAO banner. The Odds And Ordnance range will be going live week commencing 30/05/16. The 1/72 AC47T 'Fantasma' is just waiting on guns and mounts, the first mounts did not cast well, the new masters are just about ready and the sets hopefully arriving during w/c  31/05/16.

As a sneak, there are new items on the way that include in 1/72 AC47 conversion, a Sea Hurricane ('tin wing') conversion for the Airfix fabric wing Hurricane, a Shackleton MR1/T4 conversion for the Airfix kit, hopefully also Valiant bomb panniers and Mk2 conversion and Merlin Beaufighter Mk2 in both 1/72 and 1/48. Plus maybe the odd conversion for the new 1/48 Meteor!. There are also going to be some 1/48 Typhoon and TSR2 sets in the next few months.
Going live are the 1/32 Yak /1b /complete kits, however, these are off for casting with up to 6 weeks for return, though it is hoped that 3-4 will be the case (I hope to have an update w/c30/05/16). These latter along with the Fury, Gamecock and M1c kits are now cast for AlleyCat by MDC.
For those who have recently ordered a Spitfire Prototype kit, (Thank you!) The decals are finally here, and have been sent out those who ordered a kit.

Things have not gone to plan recently annoyingly, I twisted my knee delaying things a tad, Bob of MDC put his back out delaying those castings, and my other main caster was bitten by a spider, causing an alergic type reaction, thus delaying everything else! We are now all back to normal (ish) and so full service will be reappearing in the next few days.
AlleyCat will be having a trade stand at the following next: Coventry Air Museum 26-06-16, items can be brought/preordered. Order here and select 'Collection From Show' postage option and confirm in notes or via email.

For any enquiries please email:
All the best, Alec Smith

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