Announcement for AlleyCat Models 9th April 2018.
I hope everyone has had a great Easter break, and managed some relaxing time with family and friends along with some enjoyable bench time.
I have had a short spell of R and R brought on by the school holidays and the knees making it clear rest was required. Proper dispatching of orders will recommence this week.
I have had an another update from MDC, the clear casting IS STILL NOT yet fully up and running,  this new chemical mix still needs more testing in both mixing and curing to ensure the proper results. MDC are VERY VERY close, but there is still a tendency for air bubbles in the main 'panels' which is not wanted! The items affected are as follows: Vampire canopies, T6 canopies, Typhoon canopies, A4 Windscreens, Sea Vixen and Spitfire PRXI clear parts.
Unlike standard solid resin the clear is a much more fickle beastie, especially for it to have the properties required to be a replacement solid and rigid model canopy etc. It requires much more curing time that both is in normal air and an oven, along with different compound mould rubber and main material mix. If any part of the mix changes all of the processes need redoing to be relearned. The older mix had trace amounts Mercury in, which has now been banned, so it all has to be redone. This has also been made more challenging with the location change by MDC, as yes temperature and air density affect things as well. So whereas before it was being cast 'up a hill' now it is 'down by the coast'.
I fully understand your frustration on waiting for the sets, as you would expect both myself and Bob of MDC are getting much more annoyed by it all! However the challenges will be met and beaten and hopefully in the very near future!
All being well, a better update in the next week hopefully!
 The reissue of the following 1/32 kits: HS123, Boomerang, D510 and the new Hawker Fury 2/Spatted Fury is still on the plans as part of the casting program once workshop set up.
The Meteor Mk4 and Spitfire PR4 conversions for the Airfix Meteor Mk8 and Spitfire Vb will be live in the next couple of weeks, as cast up and just awaiting the final instruction writing....

AlleyCat will be having a trade stand at the IPMS Brampton St.Ives (Cambs) Model Show on Sunday September 30th 2018. 
For any enquiries please email:

All the best, and happy modelling Alec. 

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